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01/10/2014: January 11 GRALE party cancelled

Sorry! We had to make some kind of decision and make it ahead of time. We gave in to Mother Nature. I know, now she will make us look silly and send us a perfect day.

Anyway, the board decided not to take a chance on icy roads and cancelled the party for this Saturday.

Hopefully we will all get together soon and have a twice-as-wild time!


10/20/2013: Come One, Come Two and Here's What We'll Do

We're going to give you something for free and save you some cash. From now until our Christmas Extravaganza on December 14th, if you become a GRALE member we've got a treat for you. Call it an early present, stupidity, niceness or whatever you want, but any way you do the math (which I had someone else do for me), it's a nice deal.

Here's the scoop:
Single Membership ~ $25
Couple Membership ~ $40

What you get:
A free event of your choice in the next year. (excluding the campout)
At least $5 off each event you attend throughout the year.
At least one Annual Members Only event.

What you save:
Single Membership ~ $70
Couple Membership ~ $75 per person.

What does couple mean?
You and anyone you would like to become a member with or wants to become a member with you.

What you need to do:
Go to the Membership Application, fill out the form and get approved by the board.

You must have your application in by the end of December's event to receive this offer and to be approved before January's Event and Member Party.

So grab a bro' or a ho' and save some dough.


06/28/2013: Cutting the Cost of Camping!!!!

Either the heat is actually getting to us or we are just nice people that want to have fun with a lot of our friends. Whichever the case may be, we are

Slashing the cost of July's Camp Out!

We know that many of you have had to use your 'extra cash' on filling up gas tanks and other crazy things like bills, so we are hoping this price cut helps your 'bottom line' and allows more of you to come hang with us.

The cost for the Whole Weekend is now

$25 per person

For Saturday Only

$13 per person

(yes, 13...because it is an odd number and well, we are all a little odd)

Now....It's time to get registered, so go here and do we know how much good food to purchase! The price on the site shows the new amounts.

If you have any questions.....ASK! You may not be the only one with the same question, so ask away. You can do it via our contact form or on the FetLife price change post and someone will get you an answer as soon as we know it. wink

Remember also.....You are responsible for your lunch on Saturday so plan accordingly. There will be ways to cook food if you need it, but no refrigeration.

We are really looking forward to seeing everyone and kinking it up outside!


01/23/2013: Town Hall Meeting CANCELLED

The Town Hall meeting scheduled for tonight has been called off due to inclement weather. Rest assured, we will be rescheduling. Stay warm and safe at home.


GRALE "Town Hall Meeting"

Date: Wednesday, January 23, 2013
Time:6:30 PM-10:30 PM
Location: Brann's Restuarant 4157 Division Ave
Cost: Food and/or beverages, please tip your waitress!
Dress code: Absolutely no fetish wear, VANILLA ONLY!!!

This month we're welcoming GRALE attendees to come and give the board your feedback! Questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, etc...we want to hear them! Please take the time to come on out and join us in a non hostile environment and help us to serve our community in the best way that we're able! You do not need to be a member in good standing for this. The only criteria is that you be someone who has attended at least one GRALE event and that you have an opinion to voice concerning GRALE!


10/15/2012: October Wrap-Up

WOW! I think I may have almost made a complete recovery from this weekend's fun! On behalf of the entire GRALE Board, I would like to extend a HUGE THANK YOU to EVERYONE that made it the great success it was. To name all the names and all the things that were done is almost impossible. Our presenter, Gandalf was fantastic! The food spread, decorations and costumes were creative and awesome! I have heard how comfortable the "newbie's" felt and how welcoming everyone was! I have also heard of the fun and laughs that were had with old and new friends. To us, those are the signs of success. It is the people in attendance that create that warm, welcoming, comforting and fun atmosphere. It is YOU that make our events wonderful and for that GRALE THANKS YOU!

There were a lot of great costumes at this month's event! Our winners for the costume contest are as follows:

First place: Funinthecloset
Second place: Bratty
Third place: Jewel
Fourth place: Malaika
Fifth place: Aurora

The Upcoming events Sticky on our Fetlife Group Page has been updated with 2013 dates and event plans. For those of you not on Fetlife, the dates are as follows:

Saturday, November 10
DIY BDSM With Master Soren and His Aurora

Saturday, December 8
Micro-bondage with Extra Special Tom
2nd Annual GRALE Cook Off ~ International Theme and Annual Gift Exchange

Saturday, January 12
Modern Leather

Saturday, February 9

Saturday, March 9

We are looking forward to a great year of education and fun. We welcome your input on the planning of our events, especially our February Event, The Dominstration. We are looking for suggestions for stations and Tops for this always popular event. At this event, we flip the tables of the Bottom's Buffet and have experienced Tops share their talents and knowledge with anyone that wants to soak it up. It's the time to learn the tricks of your trade or swap tips with others. So, if you have any suggestions for stations or have a Top in mind that you would like to see, let us know and we'll do what we can do to make it happen.

Our next Board Meeting is Thursday, November 1. This meeting is open to all members in good standing and we do welcome your input! If you are interested in attending, please PM me for the address. The meeting begins at 6:30. There is no food served and it is not at a restaurant, so please don't come hungry, but if you need to bring dinner with you, that is fine. We just might try to steal it.... kidding

Again, thank you one and all for a great event and we are looking forward to many more to come in the future! Together, we make GRALE Awesome!

--The Mistress M


09/09/2012: The GRALE T-Shirt

After much debate, we've chosen our first t-shirt design. Information on pre-orders will be available soon! Here's the winning look:


05/31/2012: GRALE Presents: SINergy!

This September, GRALE will be holding its first multi-day event: the SINergy weekend! From Friday, September 14th through Sunday, September 16th we will be offering a mix of classes by great presenters. Go home each night or camp on-site! Check the Events page for more information!


04/17/2012: T-Shirt Designs

We're proud to present the first three designs for our upcoming line of t-shirts! Make sure to attend our May event so you can vote for your favorite!


06/05/2011: Follow us on Twitter

GRALE is happy to bring real time updates, news, notes, and info to it's members via Twitter. Be first to know about upcoming presenters, events, and all the current news! Add @GRALEMI to your Twitter followers today!


03/15/2010: GRALE Banner Ads

We have designed several new GRALE banner ads that you can display on your own web site to show your support of GRALE. Please visit the GRALE Banner Ads page for details.


11/16/2009: Photos wanted

We're looking for lifestyle photos to incorporate in to the new GRALE web site, such as the ones you see to the right. If you have photos that you would like to share, please contact the webmaster.


11/9/2009: Events Listings Updated.

We have updated our events listings with information about upcoming events through April of 2010. We have some great events coming up, so please be sure to visit our Events Calendar and get your RSVP's in!


10/25/2009: Welcome to the new GRALE web site!

We will be adding quite a few new features to the site over the upcoming months, including a members section, classified ads, forums, and more. Please check back with us often!

If you are new to GRALE, please take a look at our About Us page to find out what we are all about. We hope that you will decide to join us!